make data great

Make data great

  • protect your data

    Your data is invaluable. We are putting in place a solid foundation to preserve it. We also ensure high availability of your data which is stored and processed in full compliance with the regulations in force.

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  • Manage & optimize your data

    We manage your data according to best practices, while optimizing for reliability and performance, based on the specific needs of your organization.

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  • Leverageyour data

    Your data has something to say. Using it well can make all the difference on the road to your success. Our team of experts work to make your data smart and make your decisions easier.

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Protect your data

With great data, comes great responsibilities

  • Data Protection

    For optimal protection, our team of highly qualified experts implements strict control standards and a tight protocol that ensure the most complete security and confidentiality of all your sensitive data. And it starts by protecting it from theft, corruption and loss caused by disaster, equipment failure or human error.

  • Data Regulations

    Securing confidential data is one thing. Protecting it while respecting the laws in force is another. Not to mention that each country is governed by its own regulations, which further complicates the task. Our experienced team knows these regulations inside out, allowing them to apply the right protocols in all circumstances.

    We make sure that your data is used and stored in accordance with the standards to which your organization is subject. There is often a fine line between proper use and illegal use of data.

  • Data Availability

    A simple delay in accessing your data processing systems can have major consequences for your business and the smooth running of its activities. Our experts not only ensure that your data is easily accessible at any time of the day or night, but also that you can use it quickly. We don’t just do it right. We strive for excellence, nothing less.

    Whether physical, virtual or cloud-based, your infrastructure is not foolproof. We can put in place the necessary mechanisms to ensure the availability of your data, even in the event of equipment failure, corruption or ransomware-type attacks.

Manage & optimize your data

From good to great

  • Like you, we like to work smart. Your needs are unique. So are our solutions. Our specialized team offers you a tailor-made service entirely adapted to the particularities of your business. Structuring the information in your databases optimally for maximum performance is the challenge that we take on with each engagement.

  • Any type of database has its own characteristics. However, they have one thing in common: none are too challenging for us! We have leading expertise of the various technologies currently available on the market. We make it our duty to be in complete control of the engagement at all times, for your benefit. Our sound management of your data gives you complete peace of mind.

  • At Nova DBA, we don’t just react. We are proactive. Our objective? Catch every ball on the fly before it hits you. We achieve this through continuous monitoring of your databases. With our experts, performance issues are corrected at the source. We are constantly in solution and efficiency mode.

    With constantly evolving payment systems and data usage, we remain on the lookout for the latest requirements from PCI, GDPR and other major regulatory changes in order to become and remain compliant.

  • Be content with the statu quo? No way! Our constant quest for excellence also involves a sincere desire to make your databases ever more efficient. To do this, we surround ourselves with the best experts in the field. They make sure that your data responds in top gear, that it remains easily accessible, and that the management of your business’s computer hardware and software is done in the most efficient way possible.

Leverage your data

Think Big Data

  • Data warehouses

    With us, your data is accessible! Once the information architecture has been determined, your data is collected in an organized manner thanks to the implementation of the most appropriate tools, then intelligently stored in a “warehouse” thanks to the prior structuring work of our professionals. Nothing drags, nothing is lost, and everything is within reach.

  • Data visualization

    With your data in a data warehouse, now is the time to make sense of it. To do this, we extract it and transform it into tangible information thanks to the implementation of easy-to-use dashboards. The bridge is created between the data and the platform. All that remains is to analyze it.

  • Data insights and monetization

    Our specialized team has all the skills to interpret your collected data and draw the necessary conclusions. Thus, we bring out for you the key insights that will improve the performance of your system, as well as your business. The analysis is also used to identify any potential issues and to take action. Our seasoned experts can identify monetization opportunities

data experts

Certifications that speak
for themselves

Our team

A major North American footprint

Nova DBA, has more than 30 data experts established across North America. Expertise, skills, knowledge … Our team has complementary skills and specializations, which allows us to offer you turnkey services and a proactive support experience. Our way of doing things is simple: to offer you the best, we surround ourselves with the best.

Nova DBA also meets the high security standards that national and military security agencies demand, and numerous certifications that offer our customers great peace of mind. We know your data is invaluable, and through our quality work, we help you make informed decisions based on reliable information. This is why with us, a new collaboration quickly turns into a close-knit relationship that continues in the long term.

Some of the clients who trust us

It is no coincidence that our clientele is so vast: Small and large organizations trust us because we exceed their expectations on a daily basis.

Deliver results. Every time.

No matter the challenge or the size of the task, our experts work with passion and intelligence. Our rigorous work ethic has been proven and ensures that we deliver tangible results each time. This translates, among other things, into the implementation of continuous improvement processes to constantly optimize your performance and ensure a high level of efficiency.

  • Audit and Maturity Assessment

    Based on market best practices, our team assesses the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) of your organization’s data environment focusing on the three pillars: How your data is protected, managed & optimized and leveraged. At the end of the audit, our experts determine the level of maturity of each pillar and make recommendations.

  • Reviewed annually


    The team determines the benefits, efforts and risks related to each audit recommendation, and prioritizes actions. These improvement projects are then planned in an annual schedule.

  • Execution

    Our experts roll out the new action plan.

  • Quarterly Business Review

    Every three months, we sit down with you to assess the results obtained. We then determine if the established priorities need to be revised and we adjust the action plan as needed.