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With frequent new releases of database updates and patches, it is easy to fall behind. Keeping up with new versions and service packs are critical to database security and performance, but there are many other factors that affect a database’s performance and overall health.

1. Discovery and Data Collection

During a database health check, our DBA architects perform a comprehensive analysis of your database environment. They start by meeting with your team to discuss and understand your database environment as well as your issues and concerns. Databases are used for different purposes and it’s important for our DBA architects to understand the technical aspects as well as the business purpose of a database.  We then run a health check that collects over 200 data points on various levels: server, operating system, instances and databases.

2. Health Assessment

Our database experts analyze the information collected and compare it to industry standards and best practices. The findings are scored, prioritized and detailed in a report with actionable remediation recommendations.

3. Report & Review

We review each of the findings and recommendations in the report with your team gathering additional insights and feedback, providing you with a detailed report as well as implementation recommendations.

What's Involved?

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Discovery & Data Collection

Discovery and data collection begins. This is phase one of the health check process.

  • Document database system, applications, storage, and current maintenance strategy
  • Methodology of data collection (on-site or remote)
  • Determine optimal trace time to ensure capture of peak workloads
  • Gather key insights (long running queries, deadlocks, etc.)
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Data Analysis

Our database experts analyze data gathered in phase one of the database health check process.

  • Analyze data captured within the trace, and correlate data stemming from multiple areas to understand relationships within the environment
  • Review best practices and maintenance strategy
  • Report is created detailing all findings
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Comprehensive Analysis

Report & Review

After completion of analysis it is now time to review our findings with the client.

  • Deliver report of findings and recommendations
  • Review report and discuss via WebEX conference with client
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Implementation (Options)

The fourth and final stage of the database health check process.

  • Nova DBA experts implement best practice recommendations
  • Take advantage of our report and use your own team to implement recommendations
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