Database Health Check


Nova DBA experts retrace your environment searching for potential pitfalls, damaged infrastructures, and other issues that could lead to a catastrophic data loss event. Our proprietary secure script gathers detailed information on over 200 data points. Stated in our main activities we have provided just a few of the many activates we perform during a database health check.

Main Activities

High Availability

Discovery & Data Collection

Discovery and data collection begins. This is phase one of the health check process.

  • Document database system, applications, storage, and current maintenance strategy
  • Methodology of data collection (on-site or remote)
  • Determine optimal trace time to ensure capture of peak workloads
  • Gather key insights (long running queries, deadlocks, etc.)
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Data Analysis

Our database experts analyze data gathered in phase one of the database health check process.

  • Analyze data captured within the trace, and correlate data stemming from multiple areas to understand relationships within the environment
  • Review best practices and maintenance strategy
  • Report is created detailing all findings
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Comprehensive Analysis

Report & Review

After completion of analysis it is now time to review our findings with the client.

  • Deliver report of findings and recommendations
  • Review report and discuss via WebEX conference with client
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Implementation (Options)

The fourth and final stage of the database health check process.

  • Nova DBA experts implement best practice recommendations
  • Take advantage of our report and use your own team to implement recommendations
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