Professional Services

Desktop Computer

Our Professional Services allow to supplement your technical teams with Nova DBA resources.

  • Complement your resources and add the talent when needed.
  • Build capabilities (skills transfer) within your internal team (mentoring).
  • Flexibility, with access to the best resources on the market, full-time or part-time, onsite or remote.
  • Supported by our account management team, our employees are certified and go through a thorough background check.


Add skills and knowledge that you may not have within your team. Access to the industries best practices, standard operation procedures (SOPs) and problem resolution frameworks,

No long-term commitments. Use the contracted resource as needed.

Used wisely, consulting services can expedite the development of your projects.

This service is ideal for


Temporary replacements, maternity leaves, etc.

Comprehensive Analysis

To supplement your team with a technical expert.

Instance Level Audit

One of your technical specialists got promoted or left your organization and you need a solution until you find a permanent replacement.